5 useful tips to get your style from summer to fall

Summer is winding down and fall is on its way, but the temperatures aren’t always on the same page. In other words, it’s transition season! Whether you are planning a weekend escape to a Greek island to enjoy the peace and quiet of the end of the season, you are getting ready to take off for cooler weather conditions or you have an exciting road trip on you mind, here I thought of 5 tips to extend your summer wardrobe and make the seasonal shift comfortably and fashionably.

1. Refashion your summer pieces

I know very well how tempting it might be to go and buy a whole load of new fall wears, because your favorite stores remind you, that you’re not ready for the upcoming season. Before you do so, keep in mind that with some strategic styling your favorite summer pieces can be repurposed for cooler climes. The key to transitioning your summer wardrobe to fall is having the right balance. Typically, I pick one classic summer piece and I try to bring in the right fall touch. For example, pair your favorite sundress with an open cardigan or your denim shorts with a long sleeve blouse. Even by covering your shoulders and showing less skin you inject the desired seasonal change to your summer item. Also, if you swap your strappy sandals for black or brown booties, you’ve already said a lot about the time of year of your outfit. You’ll still be able to wear sandals for few more weeks, but as the days get shorter you will naturally switch to ballet flats, closed toed pumps or ankle booties. When it gets too cold for bare legs, add tights to your outfit. This is another way to extend the life of your favorite summer skirts and dresses, while you can make your outfit pop by playing with patterns, colors and textures.

2. Invest in one staple item

First of all, I highly recommend, to clean your closet, before you hit the shops because you have nothing to wear during this tricky season. Chances are that you have the foundation for a great fall wardrobe already in your closet. Once you know what you have and what is missing, make a list (and a budget) and go shopping prepared. My advice is to save the money for traveling and to purchase one statement-making jacket that really stands out, but goes with all of your summer clothes as you transition into fall. Depending on your personal style, you may need a leather jacket with moto styling, which you can wear with summer dresses and boots, a blazer with a three-quarter sleeve, that is easy to match with your casuals, as well as dressier items or a denim jacket because it’s such a versatile piece. All these items are the capsule wardrobe essentials, that allow you to create endless outfit options and to cook up new ways to wear your summer favorites.

3. Layer up

Since the tropical days are over and the temperature in the evening drops, it’s all about layering. I don’t know how about you, but when I travel, once I feel hot – once I feel cold. Therefore, no matter the season, with layering dressing strategy you will be ready for all conditions. One of my favorite summer to fall looks is pairing an oversized comfy sweater with my summer dress. You can also add a belt around your waist. Another easy way how to incorporate layering into your look is the use of scarfs. If you just add a scarf or a hat, your look is suddenly so much more interesting and dynamic. As I mentioned hats, other accessories like notable necklaces or bracelets in the right fall shades will perfectly work for you as a part of your layer styling.

4. Mind the color palette

Each season has a corresponding color palette, inspired by the colors that naturally occur in the world during that season. Therefore, the pastels and neons of the spring and summer give way to darker and warmer colors. Clothing is only part of the story – make-up also moves with the seasons. Around this time of the year, I usually add deeper hues to my beauty routine and I switch my sheer summer lip gloss with a creamy lipstick formula. Trade your pink, coral and French manicures for more earthy tones like burgundy and taupe or go for shimmery metallic.

5. Be yourself

Don’t spend too much time thinking about whether or not an outfit is season-appropriate, but that it’s weather-appropriate and makes you feel great, regardless of the rules. For the adventurous road trip (which had a happy ending) I was wearing a navy blue soft tulle skirt and I paired it with a light blue denim shirt, while still having on my favorite summer sandals. Since the colors and my three-quarter sleeve made the desired transition to fall, my bag and hat remained clearly summerish. How do you transition your closet for fall?

Skirt – Pure Peggy (handmade)

Denim shirt – Tally Weijl

Boater Hat – Giorgio Hatter

Bag – Fullah Sugah

Greek version of the article is available here!

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This is what you should wear for a summer weekend escape

Besides the scheduled summer holiday, I’m sure that all of us are trying to escape from a hot city at every occasion we get, even if it’s just for a day or two. No matter where you go, It’s always a great opportunity to switch from smart casual office outfits to more airy and colorful pieces.

So, Drop from the neutrals and Bring the color on! Mix the colors that are opposites on the color wheel in order to generate vibrant results and that’s where my favorite color blocking takes place. Traveling to my chosen destination followed by the town exploration, I paired my comfy turquoise wide pants with a simple but smart purple top.

Florals is another trend that never goes out of style. This season it’s even more saturated, as you can literally see head-to-toe floral outfits almost everywhere. So, for my evening promenade walk and dinner, I picked a floral printed skirt with a bright pink ruffle top.

I chose to spread those colors in a small town in Greece called Nafpaktos. Where are you heading next weekend?

Skirt – Pure Peggy (handmade)

Pink top – Zara

Pants – Pure Peggy (handmade)

Purple top – Forever21

Sandals – Pull&Bear

Handbag – Moschino

Watch – Citizen

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Be smart when packing for a summer holiday

You’ve booked the flights, found the dreamy apartment to stay and have researched the best bars and restaurants, but the biggest task is yet to come – the packing. By living in the different country than my family I can say that after all these years of hopping between Greece and the Czech Republic I learned how to pack like a pro. Packing at the last moment can be stressful especially with the luggage allowance rules. To make things easier I would like to share some tips on how to pack for summer holidays.

All you need is plan

First of all, make sure you have a weather app which gives you a detailed forecast a week ahead. Then think about your scheduled activities day by day and evening wise. This will help you to figure out specific outfits rather than just picking random pieces. Lay all your items on the bed and put together the final icon of your looks. Stick to your goal of not over-packing and get rid of anything you are not putting on for sure. There is no space for what ifs because every inch of your suitcase counts. You should take only things you love and you know you will wear. Ideally, mix every lower body garment with various upper ones in order to create more outfits with fewer items. Also, keep in mind that a few well-chosen accessories can add variety to your outfits and transform them from day to night. Let’s have a closer look at what are the essential items to pack for this summer holiday.

Basic items

Regardless your style, I believe there are at least three must-have items you need to pack with you for summer holidays. Between your chosen tops and other upper body garments, there should be a plain good cotton fabric white T-shirt. You will find it super useful for teaming it with shorts and covering up burnt shoulders. A maxi dress is another must as you will appreciate its versatility. While having a morning coffee in a harbor, walking on a promenade during a sunset or even travelling to your destination, you will look fashionable and feel comfortable at the same time. For instance above I’m wearing a statement stripe dress with ruffles and a side split. The last item I would include in this category is a denim jacket. I know you expect hot summer nights but it’s good to think proactively and to take one piece of practical outerwear with you.

Shorts & Skirts

If there’s one summertime staple that will never, ever go out of style, it’s denim shorts. They’re cool enough to wear in the daytime or smarten them up with a pair of decent shoes and a nice top for the summer night adventure. Then take soft printed shorts or a playsuit, which definitely is no longer just for lounging poolside or walking on a beach. At last think about a romantic night on which you may like to wear a cute skirt or a dress.

Shoes & Bags

Now, we’ve got to the critical part of vacay packing – shoes, I have one thing to recommend. Save the space and don’t bother to pack high heels. Take a pair of walkable wedge sandals which will work also for a semi-fancy dinner or bet on heel sandals like I did. Depending on your mood and style consider taking also a pair of light colored sneakers or dressy flat sandals. Approach your main bag like your day-to-evening walkable shoes: one item you can wear all day to the beach, but enough classy to carry out on evenings. For the nights you want to dress up, have a small stylish handbag.


Pick up some retro shades like these Urban Owl metro retro sunglasses and add a touch of timeless old school glamor to your look. If you forget your fancy sun hat at home or you want to avoid it getting squashed in the luggage, you can always buy one at a destination. Leave your most expensive jewellery at home so you won’t end up worrying about it falling off in the sea or locking it in a safe. Besides what you wear on day to day basis, take a pair of colorful earrings which will add interest even to otherwise simple outfit. The same way will work a summer scarf which you can tie around a handle of your bag or wear it on your head as a part of your hairstyle.

So what is your destination for a summer holiday? PS: Don’t forget to pack your bikini!

Greek version of the article is available here!

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Pairing a tulle skirt with sneakers

Honestly, I’d never thought of pairing a tulle skirt with sneakers. I believe that this piece of clothing highlights the femininity more than anything else and for this reason, I prefer wearing it with heels or with a pair of ballet flats. Besides that, when I style my tutu I try to make the whole outfit look age-appropriate, which is a bit more challenging if you decide to pair it with sneakers.

This spring I bought these adorable white/mint “Chucks”. I woke up one day in a mood to wear one of my handmade silk tulle skirts. I picked the one in the mint color and then I thought of the perfect color match and said to myself: “Why not mix up the styles and inject some girly energy into my ensemble by pairing it with my new sneakers?”

There are various ways to pull off the skirt from classy to casual wear and still look like a grown up. Check the way I did it!

Skirt – Pure Peggy (handmade)

Sneakers – Converse

Watch – Lambretta watches

T-shirt – very old one, found during the decluttering process 🙂

Sunglasses – MED Eyewear


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Why every woman needs a tulle skirt

As my friends already know, I’m a big fan of tulle skirts. I know what you’re thinking: Tulle skirt is just another term for tutu and there’s no way you’re wearing one. But I believe that a skirt made from a fabric invented during the 18th century in the French town of Tulle, can provide a pure essence of feminine and classy style to every woman. Let me inspire you, that you also need a piece (or more) of this cute garment in your wardrobe.

Do you remember the skirt Carrie Bradshaw wore during the opening credits of Sex and the City? Well there is a reason behind! Give me another piece of clothing, which can highlight the femininity better than a tulle skirt! If you pair it with a smashing set of high heels, here comes the perfection. By the way, the original “Carrie” tutu skirt was designed by Patricia Field. Since this is so classic, I made one Bradshaw-inspired skirt for myself.

Obviously, this is not an ordinary outfit to walk the city unless you are fearless like Bradshaw was. Maybe you are thinking of one glamorous tulle skirt, or you already have one, and you are asking yourself: “When the heck am I going to wear it?” “Does a classic multilayer tulle skirt need an appropriate event?” The truth is that this fabric became famous after one of the most significant social events in the history. Queen Victoria’s wedding dress (1842) was the one that started it all. Either as a bride or as a guest, tulle skirts deserve attention when considering an outfit for such a fairy tale occasion like a wedding is.

Even though tulle skirts are sweet by nature, they’re incredibly versatile pieces so they are no longer just for special occasions or formal events. They can be styled for any occasion as it’s all about the matter of style and the look is dependent upon its accessories. In case you don’t want to look like a Fairy-Princess in your outfit, you can contrast the feminine feel of a tulle skirt with a little dose of edginess. As you can see below I paired my pink handmade tutu with a crop top and a wristband. Tulle skirts tend to be generally high waisted by nature, which makes them perfect for pairing with crop tops.

All it takes to pull the look off is some creative mixing and a playful eye. You will see that the dressing up is fun, just embrace its glamour by maintaining its sophisticated appeal. For this reason I believe the skirt mandates a woman’s shoe. If you don’t just feel like wearing your heels, a pair of ballet flats will be fine. But please give a rest to your sneakers and in the spirit of celebration of femininity do not wear them with a tulle skirt. Another matter which you need to proceed with caution is the length of the skirt. Safer choice is to go long – knee length skirt or longer. For a less frilly look, you may like to choose a skirt made from silk tulle and with fewer layers. The whole look will be then more casual, but still with the sweet and romantic touch.

There are literally hundreds of ways to wear the skirt and even more ways to manufacture it. There are also many DIY ways to make the skirt with a no-sewing method in case you want to involve your creativity. Tulle skirts are a perfect choice for a photo shoot because the ways of posing in tulle skirt are endless and you will just look fabulous.

Don’t be afraid of styling your tulle skirt just think of it like any other skirt in your closet. Switch out of your usual tee and jeans and spin around in a circle while wearing a feminine skirt. Bring the femininity back to the mainstream!

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