As my friends already know, I’m a big fan of tulle skirts. I know what you’re thinking: Tulle skirt is just another term for tutu and there’s no way you’re wearing one. But I believe that a skirt made from a fabric invented during the 18th century in the French town of Tulle, can provide a pure essence of feminine and classy style to every woman. Let me inspire you, that you also need a piece (or more) of this cute garment in your wardrobe.

Do you remember the skirt Carrie Bradshaw wore during the opening credits of Sex and the City? Well there is a reason behind! Give me another piece of clothing, which can highlight the femininity better than a tulle skirt! If you pair it with a smashing set of high heels, here comes the perfection. By the way, the original “Carrie” tutu skirt was designed by Patricia Field. Since this is so classic, I made one Bradshaw-inspired skirt for myself.

Obviously, this is not an ordinary outfit to walk the city unless you are fearless like Bradshaw was. Maybe you are thinking of one glamorous tulle skirt, or you already have one, and you are asking yourself: “When the heck am I going to wear it?” “Does a classic multilayer tulle skirt need an appropriate event?” The truth is that this fabric became famous after one of the most significant social events in the history. Queen Victoria’s wedding dress (1842) was the one that started it all. Either as a bride or as a guest, tulle skirts deserve attention when considering an outfit for such a fairy tale occasion like a wedding is.

Even though tulle skirts are sweet by nature, they’re incredibly versatile pieces so they are no longer just for special occasions or formal events. They can be styled for any occasion as it’s all about the matter of style and the look is dependent upon its accessories. In case you don’t want to look like a Fairy-Princess in your outfit, you can contrast the feminine feel of a tulle skirt with a little dose of edginess. As you can see below I paired my pink handmade tutu with a crop top and a wristband. Tulle skirts tend to be generally high waisted by nature, which makes them perfect for pairing with crop tops.

All it takes to pull the look off is some creative mixing and a playful eye. You will see that the dressing up is fun, just embrace its glamour by maintaining its sophisticated appeal. For this reason I believe the skirt mandates a woman’s shoe. If you don’t just feel like wearing your heels, a pair of ballet flats will be fine. But please give a rest to your sneakers and in the spirit of celebration of femininity do not wear them with a tulle skirt. Another matter which you need to proceed with caution is the length of the skirt. Safer choice is to go long – knee length skirt or longer. For a less frilly look, you may like to choose a skirt made from silk tulle and with fewer layers. The whole look will be then more casual, but still with the sweet and romantic touch.

There are literally hundreds of ways to wear the skirt and even more ways to manufacture it. There are also many DIY ways to make the skirt with a no-sewing method in case you want to involve your creativity. Tulle skirts are a perfect choice for a photo shoot because the ways of posing in tulle skirt are endless and you will just look fabulous.

Don’t be afraid of styling your tulle skirt just think of it like any other skirt in your closet. Switch out of your usual tee and jeans and spin around in a circle while wearing a feminine skirt. Bring the femininity back to the mainstream!

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