Our Journey

It all started with a tulle skirt. Before embracing motherhood, Marketa, driven by her passion for fashion, started Pure Peggy by crafting these timeless, playful skirts herself. However, her journey into motherhood brought a new dimension to the brand. Inspired by the love for her child, Marketa envisioned a world where mothers and daughters could share more than just moments – they could share fashion. This vision gave birth to our exclusive range of matching outfits, designed and crafted with love and responsibility.

Craftsmanship, Quality, and Sustainability – A Greek Tradition

Our brand is deeply rooted in the rich tradition of Greek craftsmanship. We are committed to environmental sustainability, reflected in our made-to-order approach. This practice not only reduces waste but also allows us to pour meticulous attention into every detail of each garment. From the perfect twirl of a tulle skirt to the vibrant patterns on our matching sets, every piece is a labor of love, reflecting our commitment to quality, style, and the planet.

Marketa’s Vision

Under Marketa’s guidance, Pure Peggy seamlessly blends style, practicality, and environmental consciousness. Her extensive experience in fashion e-commerce ensures that our collections are not only aesthetically pleasing but also eco-friendly and reflective of the latest trends. Marketa’s vision is to empower mothers and daughters to make sustainable fashion choices without compromising on style or the special connection they share.

A Love for Prints, Tulle, and the Planet

Our story may have begun with tulle skirts, but it has blossomed into a range featuring a variety of fabrics, all adorned with eye-catching prints. Our designs are a celebration of life, embracing the vibrancy of color and the joy of shared experiences. And as we continue to grow, our commitment to sustainability remains steadfast, ensuring our planet is cared for just as much as the relationships we celebrate.

Join Our Community

Join the vibrant journey of Pure Peggy. Follow us on Instagram, see our latest sustainable designs, and share your mother-daughter stories with us using #purepeggy. Become part of a community that values not just fashion, but the bonds and the planet we all share. From the swirling layers of our initial tulle skirts to our expansive range of matching outfits, we invite you to be part of a story that cherishes motherhood, fashion, and the Earth. Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary journey.